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What are the widespread application of Switch Mode Power Supply?


Switch mode power supply (SMPS), also known as switching power supply, switch converter, is a high -frequency power conversion device and a power supplyer. Its function is to convert a voltage of a bit of voltage through different forms of voltage or current required by the user side. The input of the switching power supply is mostly the AC power (such as the city power) or the DC power supply, and most of the output is a device that requires DC power, such as a personal computer, and the switching power supply transitions between the voltage and current between the two.

Switching power supply products are widely used in industrial automation control, military equipment, scientific research equipment, LED lighting, industrial control equipment, communication equipment, power equipment, instrumentation, medical equipment, semiconductor refrigeration heat -making, air purifier, electronic refrigerator, LCD display, LED, LED Lantern, communication equipment, audiovisual products, security monitoring, LED light belt, computer case, digital products and instruments and other fields.

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