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What are the desktop adapter interfaces?

The power adapter will be used in our daily life, we all know that the adapter has a different type of interface, next to introduce you to what are the interface types?

Power adapter
1. Serial interface

Serial interface, referred to as serial port, that is, COM interface, is an extension interface using serial communication protocol. Serial port appeared around 1980, the data transmission rate is 115kbps ~ 230kbps, serial port is generally used to connect the mouse and external Modem and the old camera and writing board and other equipment, some of the new motherboard has begun to cancel the interface.

2. Parallel interface

Parallel interface, referred to as parallel interface, that is, LPT interface, is an extension interface using parallel communication protocol. The data transmission rate of the parallel port is 8 times faster than that of the serial port, and the data transmission rate of the standard parallel port is 1Mbps, which is generally used to connect printers, scanners, etc.

3, USB interface

USB is the abbreviation of the English Universal Serial Bus, the Chinese meaning is "universal serial bus". It is not a new bus standard, but an interface technology applied in the PC field. USB was introduced at the end of 1994 by Intel, Compaq, IBM, Microsoft and other companies.

All devices that support USB 1.1 can be used directly on the USB 2.0 interface without worrying about compatibility issues, and accessories like USB cables, plugs, and so on can be used directly. There are 3 types of USB interfaces:

- Type A: Generally used for PCS

- Type B: Usually used for USB devices

- Mini-USB: Generally used in digital cameras, digital camcorders, measuring instruments and mobile hard disks
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